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Book Brothers audiobooks consistently rank on streaming platforms’ weekly top lists. We produce audiobooks in 7 languages for numerous international publishing houses, corporations, institutions, and independent authors. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of genres, covering everything from children’s picture books and biographies to educational materials and scientific publications.

Whether you’re starting a single book project or managing a large amount of audiobook productions, the Book Brothers ordering system streamlines the process. Casting, filling metadata, communicating with the team and overseeing production statuses are all integrated into a single platform. 

Thanks to our efficient workflow, each audiobook is prepared for simultaneous release alongside the printed book.



Our voice catalog presents the most renowned voice actors in the field and makes casting easy! If you need help with the selection, our experienced editors are there for you. We have voices for all genres and for books that require special skills or knowledge.

Once the appropriate narrator is found, we take care of scheduling the production and preparing the script to ensure everything is ready for recording. A pronunciation list can be produced as part of the script preparation. 

If the author wishes to narrate, we provide necessary training in studio techniques and voice acting or arrange for a recording session with an audio engineer.

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Our recording studios are equipped with Neumann microphones and designed for uninterrupted voice acting. Book Brothers studios are available around the clock, offering a peaceful environment for immersing in the text and finding the flow. 

We proof listen to each audiobook, correct mispronounced words, unnecessary pauses and remove unwanted sounds. Audiobooks are edited and mixed by our experienced audio engineers using the latest audio technology, automation and workflows. 

Our producers can also enhance the book with sound design, compose background music and create custom jingles.

The finished audiobooks are then delivered to all desired streaming services and distributors. The audio masters are stored on our servers for one year from completion, allowing for audio adjustments even long after delivery.