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We produce audiobooks that are listened to the end.

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Our audiobooks consistently rank in the top 10 most listened-to audiobooks in Finland. We serve a wide range of Finnish and international publishers, companies, and indie authors. We produce hundreds of audiobooks annually, spanning genres from children’s picture books to biographies and educational materials to scientific publications.

We have developed an order system order system based on publishers’ requests, allowing easy tracking and management of the production of individual or hundreds of audiobooks. Voice actor casting, metadata management, communication between the studio and the reader, as well as tracking production statuses can all be easily managed in one place.

Our production is fast, ensuring that the audiobook is released simultaneously with the printed book.

We have gathered a catalog of over 300 of the most well-known voices in the industry, making it effortless to make the right reader selection. Our experienced audiobook producers assist in the precise casting of the most suitable audiobook reader, especially for works requiring specific skills or in cases of abundance.

Once the suitable reader is found, we take care of scheduling production and reviewing the reading material to ensure everything is ready for recording. Creating reading instructions is also possible as part of audiobook production.

If the author wants to read their work themselves or if it’s an aspiring reader, we provide training in reading and studio techniques or arrange a recording session with a sound engineer.

Over 300 of the most popular voices.All in one catalog.

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Our studios are available to voice actors from morning to evening, providing a unhurried place to immerse in the text.

We meticulously listen to each audiobook, correcting mispronunciations, unnecessary pauses, and recording noise. We edit and mix audiobooks using powerful audio tools and years of experience. We also enhance books with audio design, for example, by adding soothing nature sounds or composing background music and jingles.

Finally, we add author information to audio files and deliver the compressed audiobook to desired streaming services. If necessary, we do Celia co-productions as part of the order. 

We keep audiobook masters for a year after completion, so that changes to the audio can be made long after delivery.